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If you cannot download the document/s linked from this page, please contact us and we will provide a copy via the school office.​​


To view the class newsletters for each term, please follow this link to the 'Our Staff'​ page.

week 8-newsletter-term 1-2019.aspxWeek 8, Term 1 Newsletter 2019week 8-newsletter-term 1-2019New21/03/20192 KB
week-7-newsletter-term-1-2019.aspxWeek 7, Term 1 Newsletter 2019week-7-newsletter-term-1-201915/03/20192 KB
week 6-newsletter-term 1-2019.aspxWeek 6, Term 1 Newsletter 2019week 6-newsletter-term 1-20197/03/20192 KB
week 5-newsletter-term 1-2019.aspxWeek 5, Term 1 Newsletter 2019week 5-newsletter-term 1-201928/02/20192 KB
week-4-newsletter-term-1-2019.aspxWeek 4, Term 1 Newsletter 2019week-4-newsletter-term-1-201921/02/20192 KB
week-3-newsletter-term-1-2019.aspxWeek 3, Term 1 Newsletter 2019week-3-newsletter-term-1-201914/02/20192 KB
week-2-newsletter-term-1-2019.aspxWeek 2, Term 1 Newsletter 2019week-2-newsletter-term-1-20197/02/20192 KB
week-1-newsletter-term-1-2019.aspxWeek 1, Term 1 Newsletter 2019week-1-newsletter-term-1-201931/01/20192 KB