Active School Travel


About our commitment to active travel


Pimpama State School has been awarded official active travel school status by the City of Gold Coast. This means we are committed to working with families and our broader school community to support our children in taking active forms of travel to and from school—such as walking, riding a bike or scooter, catching the bus or carpooling.

Good things happen when school communities active travel. Empowered children travel safely to and from school, help the environment, feel part of a community and have fun.

What is active school travel?

The City of Gold Coast runs the Active School Travel (AST) program for Gold Coast primary schools. Schools that are officially invited to join the program receive resources including a suite of free toolkits, incentives and support to enable students, parents, carers and teachers to:
  • re-mode – swap the car for walking, wheeling and public transport
  • reduce car trips by carpooling or combining trips
  • re-route – take a slightly different route to avoid congested roads
  • re-time school related trips–consider dropping children earlier or picking them up later.​

Why active school travel is the way to go

Since the inception of the AST program, thousands of Gold Coast families have been walking and wheeling their way to school, having fun, making friends, and helping the environment. Active travel school communities enjoy:
  • healthier children
  • safer school zones
  • increased concentration in students
  • making friends
  • learning life-long skills
  • a connected community
  • resources and skills to empower the community
  • reduced traffic around school
  • helping the environment.
For more information on AST check out the City of Gold Coast’s Active School Travel webpage.

How to be an active travel family


You can become an active travel family by changing the way you move to and from school.
The following modes count as active school travel:


Leave the car at home and walk to school. If you live too far away, drive part of the way and walk the rest. We call that ‘park and stride’.


Riding a bike with your children helps them get to school quickly, be active and develop lifelong riding skills.
It’s fun and fast to scooter or skateboard to school. Just like when riding a bike, stick to the footpath and wear a helmet.


If you have to drive, try carpooling with another family to help reduce the number of cars at the school gate.​

Catching public transport

Travelling on public transport can give older children a sense of independence and free parents from daily school trips.
For more information on catching the bus, visit the Translink Journey Planner​.

Join our weekly active travel day

You don’t have to change the way you travel every day of the week – just one day a week can make a difference.
As an AST school, we have nominated Tuesday as our weekly active travel day!
We’d love to see as many families in our school community picking active travel as the way to go on this day.

Talk to your children

Have conversations with your children about road safety, the active travel events being held at school, and the skills they are learning.​


What's On?
  • Active School Breakfast each term
  • Police Citizen Youth Club bike skills for Year 4 students (Term 3)
  • BUS IT Bus skills workshops for Year 5 students (Term 3)

Last reviewed 21 February 2024
Last updated 21 February 2024