Laptop Year 4-Year 6


​​​​​​​​​​At Pimpama State School, we are constantly updating, evaluating and assessing the digital skills and tools that will enable our students to use digital tools effectively, preparing them for the skills they will need​​ throughout their lives.

The BYO Laptop program is designed to help students keep up with the demands of the 21st century. Helping students become responsible digital citizens will enhance not only what we do in the classroom, but also give students skills and experiences that will prepare them for their future studies and career.

Please read the attached flyers and information below to ensure your child is ready to participate in our BYO Laptop program.

BYO Laptop Purchasing Guide

​It is important to source a laptop which has suitable specifications to allow your child to achieve the best possible access to the BYO Laptop program. Students will be required to bring a Windows Laptop (MacBooks or Chromebooks are not suitable).

For Windows devices, the minimum requirements are:

Not Recommended​
  • AMD Athlon Gold or above
  • INTEL i3 or above
  • 4GB RAM, 8GB or more preferred
  • 128GB or more Storage
  • Wi-Fi AC or AX (5Ghz frequency)
  • Windows 10 or 11
  • Battery Life or 6 hours or more to cover the school day.​
  • Laptops that only support 2.4Ghz WiFi.
  • Chromebook laptops
  • Apple MacBooks​

The BYO Laptop Purchasing Guide (PDF, 293​KB) outlines a range of laptops currently available on the purchasing portals on this page.  Devices are categorised into three levels of specification:

  • Minimum
  • Preferred
  • Advanced
The guide also outlines recommended extras (such as carry cases and extended warranties), and optional extras.

BYO Laptop Purchasing Portals

The following purchasing portal/s provide Laptops and accessories which meet the specifications of the school. Each supplier also offers add-ons such as extended warranties and accidental damage repair. While we make every effort to ensure your child's device is looked after (both at school and at home), accidents do happen and we strongly encourage families to consider these add-ons.

These suppliers are not affiliated with Pimpama State School. Should you find a device with similar specifications elsewhere, you are more than welcome to purchase a laptop from any supplier.

JB HiFi Portal External link

School Code: PSSBYOD2024

Please view and read the following information to learn more about the JB HiFi Purchasing Portal.

JB HiFi BYO Portal Informatio​n Video​

JB HiFi BYO Portal Information Flyer (PDF, 449KB)

JB HiFi BYO Parent Toolkit (PDF, 3241KB)

​Getting Started

The BYO Laptop Getting Started Checklist (PDF, 149​​​​KB) outlines the important tasks to get your child's laptop ready for the BYO Laptop Program. Please ensure the following tasks have been completed prior to bringing your laptop to school.

Company Portal is a secure mobile management system that allows you to use school Wi-Fi, emails, learning applications and websites on personal devices. The BYO Laptop Company Portal How to Guide (PDF, 784KB) provides detailed instructions on how to setup your child's Company Portal app prior to bringing the device to school. 

Last reviewed 22 August 2023
Last updated 22 August 2023